Zorzen character sheet
The Zorzen had been known the be the most convenient species to be attacked by their own machines, similar to motion pictures from Earth. Their home planet, Zorikal, is located in the Omega System.



The Zorzen species are a technilogical military species, focusing their findings and information to build machines and equipment for the military. But they are peaceful. Their history rarely contains any wars that are between Zorzen and Zorzen. If anything, the wars they have are against other alien species. There are times where some officers may not agree with the idea of tactics the Zorzen military are using for a certain battle, but they are always loyal to their government. Though they don't have the technology of space travel, other species had visited Zorikal.

Zorzen vs. MachinesEdit

Zorzens first started creating machines that would make life easier. Eventually, the robots had advanced. They got smarter, faster, and stronger. The Zorzen developed the perfect killing machine for their military called the Zerchines. After a rebellion attack from anti-robotic groups, the Zorzen military had designed robots in a soldiers shape, able to disguise itself like a Zorzen, the only thing missing is the skin. They eventually made machines that would make machines instead of Zorzens hand making every little piece and putting them together. Any one who had the engineering job was now sent to the military as soldiers or in the Intellegence. After more and more attacks from the rebellion of machine soldiers, the military had assigned every personel with one robot to guard them and/or help them, worrying that they might be able to save the soldier if any random attack hits. The Zerchines watched their masters personal and work life, analyzing. The machines had killed their masters and rebelled against the Zorzen military. They fled into shelters trying to fight or hide. The machines were too stronge and killed many. Unfortunately, the Zorzen had never worked on space travel to escape their planet, so they didn't have any choice but to fight or die.


The Zorzen culture is completely based on military. Children would grow up hearing and learning about the military that they will soon join. They had different classes like engineering, scientific, soldier, academies... Every day, everyone in the military would train through exercises, then go to their jobs. Though, not every job deals with the military. There are some that deals with farming and making food for the military and civilians. There are entertainers, casinos, motion pictures. You could say Zorzen are similar to Humans, but more focuses on the military rather than civilian life. Every personel are able to start a family and cut down time to raise one. After the child is at the age of having his/her own life, the family goes back to their original scheduel before having a child. The child would grow up to take one of the military jobs and would continue the cycle that's been going on for centuries. Honor is an extreme value to the Zorzens, if you don't have honor, then you live as a poor person living on the streets. It's like this even if you're not in the military.

Zorzen technology is highly advanced in robotics. Their weapons use bullets of high calibers, but they have engineered them to feel like an average pistol size bullet (A.K.A., desert eagle bullet size, but with m9 recoil). Their vehicles and ships are the strongest out of any military known in the galaxy.

On Zorikal, males and females are treated equally.

Zorzen particularly don't like the Robotic species. It is nothing against them, but ever since their machines attacked, they have an uncomfortable feeling around machines that can think and hold any object. In this case for the Zorzen, a weapon.


An average hieght for a Zorzen is between 5 to 6 foot. They have brown skin similar to humans, but no hair. They have red eyes but no pupils. They generally wear armor everywhere on their body. If not armor, then it's a jump suit. This is due to the fact that they have been exposed to nulear reactions and the suit is suppose to help them heal. If they don't wear it, nothing happens, but they might get a small fever or headache. All Zorzens have masks to breathe. Also caused by a nulear warhead, the nuclear energy had damaged their lungs, causing them unable to breathe. Scientists have came up with a way to install masks into their bodies, just their head, so they can breathe. At first, they didn't like it, but after figuring out they can breathe 5 different types of gases, they accepted them.

They have two fingers and one thumb on each hand. Their legs are similar to animals on Earth, making them seem anthropomorphic. But that also means that they can run quicker than Humans, Reptilians, and Robotics.


Zorzen are one of the smartest species when it comes to the military and war strategies. This comes in handy when Zorak is in the Royal/Rebel Shifter War. They are also one of the fastest runners the Alliance has known, given the shape of their legs.

Zorzen can breathe five different types of gas. They are also able to breathe in open space for about seven hours. They can hold and fire any weapon from any military and/or government.

Zorzen reproduce like humans do, but are not able to shut down their reproductive fluid like Robotics and Shifters. So they have to cover themselves while sexual contact to avoid making a child if they don't want one.

Zorzen have a built in computer in their suits and masks, giving them the ability to search the extranet, track enemies down while hiding, and hack through systems.

Known ZorzenEdit


-Originally, Zorzen masks were suppose to wrap around their entire face, not just on the side of their mouths.

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