Xobot Sakura is the Captian of the Star Ship Star Fighter. He is one of the main characters of the story "The Alliance."

Xobot Sakura
Xobot Sakura


December 13, 2043


5 foot


130 pounds


Captain of Star Fighter









Born December 13, 2043, on Robotican, age 25 on year 2068. Species, mutated Robotic. Raised mosly in the city of Beta-Void, planet Robotican. Since birth, Xobot was always into stars, art, and technology. This usually led him into museums that showed maps of different galaxies and how space travel worked on his planet. In school, he, his friend Tuin, and Xbot share most of the same classes. Xobot mostly did well as for his grades and was excepted in most every class he was either in or not in. But being brothers with a person who loves adventure and excitement, Xobot was always pulled into trouble when Xbot, Theta (friend of Xobot), Tuin, and himself were exploring restricted areas. This caused his success of becoming the youngest Robotic on record into space to impossible (mostly because one time, they were the youngest off record). During school, he was never a popular person. Everyone knew him, mostly, but no one really knew him like his friends.


During his teenage years, he took classes in astronomy, science, and engineering. He is most known for his creation of hover cars for a science project. It may have not been the best hover technology but for someone of his age at the time, it was incredible. He was given a medal for his ability to create shielding armor for sport athletes. For once in his life, he was one of the top known person in Beta-Void


His popularity didn't stay for a long period of time. When on a field trip with the school, he, his girlfriend Iso, Xbot, Tuin, and Theta were at a museum Xobot would visit when he was a child. This particular museum held weapons, fire arms, shielding technology, land, water, air, and space vessels which all were armed and secured. A fight between Neon and Kego lead to the deaths of Xobot and Xbot. During their fight, Neon triggered an explosive reactor that only his species can get to inside one of the nuclear star ships held within the museum. Xobot and Xbot were caught in the radius, succeedingly rescuing Theta, Ruin, and Iso, and were killed. Shortly after the battle, Kego had wanted to honor Xobot and Xbot by giving their life back. Unfortunately when they were resurrected on SubZero Defiant, they had lost all of their memory, their friends, family, events, likes, dislikes were all gone, except for their names. Everybody never saw them again. Kego and other Rebel Shifters brought Xobot and Xbot to the Alliance, thinking that they would serve a great life there. When they woke up, Kego was disguised in the shape of an officer while one of the Alliance's Captains had told them that they were survivors of a crashed star ship and that the Reptilians had rescued them.


Xobot and Xbot were separate during their resurrection and were kept separate to the fact that they had different abilities that the Alliance could use. For the most part, Xobot's job was Navy Intelligence. At one time, Xobot was spent to recruit Robotic officers from his home planet. That's where he met Jenbot off duty at a restaurant. She was the waiter. She had previously been a medic for a small clinic. After he and her started dating, she began to get interested in more profesional medicals positions. After Xobot got enough recruits for the Alliance, he, including Jenbot, headed back to Luna. Xobot kept his studies in Intelligence while Jenbot was in training for Health Care. Eventually, Xobot and Jenbot got married on Robotican.
First date copy

Xobot's first date...

Xobot had once been assigned to help create shields to help the Zorzen against war with their machines they've created. After recreating the shielding, a shuttle gave him a lift to bring the shields to the commanding officer in charge of the battle. His shuttle had been shot down by the enemy, causing him to stay on the planet. At this time, he met Zorak. Not having enough people on the field, Xobot was assigned to fight. During one battle, his shields had been down and one machine shot a pulse rilfe near Xobot's head. The shot barely missed him, but it left a scar on his left ear. After the Alliance had finally rescued the remaining Alliance personel on the Zorzen planet, they fleed to a near by station for injuries or damages. Years after years of moving from Intelligence officers to more "important" ranks (lieutenant, commander, captain) he was assigned to the star ship "Planetary," ranked as a lieutenant for the ships science stations. Eventually after five years, he got his own ship, the "Star Fighter." Getting recruits for his ship, he requested Jenbot to be one of the nurses to the Commodore. Still in her training, they denied the request.

Lizard and ZorakEdit

His first mission was to explore the Columbia Cluster near Reptilian space. Opon meeting one of the Reptilian ships, they made a trade agreement. Xobot met Lizard in the Reptilian's cargo hold. Looking over what the leaders of the Reptilian government and what they are capable of, Xobot requested the Reptilians to join the Alliance. After agreeing, Lizard was assigned to Xobot's ship. When Xobot arrived back at the Alliance Luna station, he had found out that the Zorzen species had made a request to join the Alliance, thinking that is would be better than to be slaves of their own machines. Xobot was given a week vacation before his next mission. There, he met Zorak again. After looking at Lizards profile and Zoraks profile, he assigned Lizard as the ships helm, navigator, and engineering while Zorak was assigned to be the second helms and maping where they go through their travels. Jenbot now had finished her training and was now to be the Star fighter's Medic. After their vacation, the Star Fighter was sent out to investigate the Hawking-ton nebula for minerals.


On their way there, the Star Figher had recieved a message from another Alliance vessel "Care Taker" saying that he has a brother on his ship. Xobot, having his memory whiped out, doesn't remember having a brother. He immediately sends word to the Care Taker, saying that they will meet on they way to the Hawking-ton nebula. Opon docking with the Care Taker, Xobot immediately searched for his brother. Robotics tend to overreact and/or panic when something that have the chances next to impossible occure. Xbot on the other hand, knew he had a brother almost from when he was ressurected. When Xobot found him in the ships weapons systems, Xbot remained calm and acted as if he had just seen Xobot not even a week ago. Xobot, who is extremely confused, almost gave a brian overload trying to compute how he has a brother and his attitude about him. Xobot and Xbot set up a meeting in the Care Taker's galley to talk things through. Xbot explained that his commanding officer thought it would be better telling him about he having a brother rather than keeping it all secret like Xobots commanding officer Though Xobot's commander really never wanted it to be secret, just didn't find the information "valuble" to tell at the time. Xbot also told that he had served the past years since birth(no one told him about his ressurection either) in the Alliance as the ships weapons systems, spending most of his time around Luna, developing weapons for star ships to defend Earth for any reason, rather than exploring the galaxy.

After the galley meeting, Xobot still had many questions to ask. Requesting the Admirals and the Captain of Care Taker to assign Xbot to the Star Fighter, they accepted. Xobot explained their mission and Xbot was eager to get to his duty on a new ship. As of Xobot, he was eager to know more about his lost brother.

Dark XobotEdit

When they had reached their location, they found a planet right in the middle of the nebula. Xobot sent a shuttle to investigate, a party of five, including himself. Each party member carried a side arm for emergencies, a scanner for information, small medical equipment, armor/enviornmental suits, and a communicator. Not knowing that they were in a planet that was habitable by a species called Delok, each party member was taken into custody. Each were injected with a rare poison that makes person injected unconscious. This poison is generally used by Reptilian medics for surgery. One Delok had lead him inside a machine that changes your genetics. Realizing what price they can make off of a living organic robot, they mixed his genetics with the same poison injected in his party. His appearance changed. Dragging the unconscious mutated Robotic, they set him for sale to other Deloks on their planet.

After one day, Zorak (second in command of Star Fighter) sent a second party (all soldiers) down to the planet, noticing that Xobot went over his time limit on the planet. Party 2 searched the area Pary 1 was previously in. Killing every Delok they come in contact with, they rescued most of Party 1 except for Xobot.

Xobot, who had been kept in a cage for three days, had been tested on with drugs, electric shock, torcher methods, and starved. Going berserk, the Deloks moved him behind the markets until he calms down. That night, Xobot picked the lock with his nails, successfully unlocking it. Escaped, he wondered lost through the Delok city that had captured him. Searching for food and for a way to get out of there, the Alliance soldiers found him. Xobot instantly attacked at the sight of their fire arms. Though none were actually killed, most were severely injured. After running through streets of Delok civilians panicking of their intrusion, Jenbot and two soldiers finally caught Xobot in a trap. They brought him and the wounded in the shuttle and flew back to Star Fighter.

Xobot was held in the medical bay strapped onto a bed tight. S. 47 injected viruses into Xobot's blood stream that would kill the poison but not the patient. Noticing that didn't work, the Zorzen tried using nano-bots to take out the poison. After four days, the nano-bots took all of what they could take out and were put in a large canister. Xobot was left unconscious for two days. During those two days, S. 47 analyzed the poison taken from Xobot's body. The poison had samples of Xobot's DNA in them. Eventually, the poison morphed together in the form of Xobot after he was poisoned. The canister was too small to hold a Robotic body, so they moved it into a prison cell. After Xobot woke up, he returned to duty. Every day he would arrived at the Medical bay to see how the poisons' progression was doing. S. 47 had told him that the poison carried samples of his DNA, technically cloning half of Xobot and the poison the Deloks injected. After three days, the poisons had shifted together to form Dark Xobot, darker skin tones, deeper voice, spikes on his back and on the back of his ears, and red and green lights rather than having some blue.

Dark Xobot finally woke up on a rampage. He was feared for his animal like act. Screaming, yelling, and banging, Dark Xobot painfully and slowly began getting Xobot's memories. The more Dark Xobot was getting Xobot's memories, the more he was starting to act more civilized. Finally, he acted like a "normal" Robotic in a jail cell. After Xobot, Jenbot, Xbot had met Dark Xobot, they nick named him Infect. The name seemed to stick, so Dark Xobot kept the name "Infect." At the time, Xobot didn't realized how much of a clone Infect was to himself. This lead him to believe that Infect only had cloned his appearance and memories instead of, along those, his feelings, part of his personallity, likes and dislikes. Xobot gave Infect one pair of his Alliance armor lead him to a shuttle, letting Infect go where ever he wants to make his own life rather than having two Xobot's on the same ship. Though getting used to having claws, a tail, toed feet, and more abilities, he still performed his duty on the Star Fighter like he should, though at times he complains about the tail when sitting down or going to bed.


Moving from the Hawking-ton Nebula to the Vergo System, the Robotic race found something they had never seen in their history. One planet the Vergo system held was habitable, tropical, and had the Robotic race just like Robotican living on it. Xobot, Jenbot, and Xbot headed down to the planet, very excited to meet their own species on a different planet they know nothing about. When they were close to the planets atmosphere, their shuttles power gave out. The shuttle was now traveling by the planets gravity pull. Crashing to the planets surface, the three Robotics took only moderate damage. A group of Robotics from the planet emerged from the trees and arrived at the shuttle. Noticing that the people in the shuttle looked very similar to the Robotics on their planet, they took Xobot, Xbot, and Jenbot to their villiage. Their villiage was small. It held houses and buildings were made of either tents, rocks, or wood. They're food were plants and fresh meat from hunted animals. Unlike the Robotics from Robotican, some of their technology isn't as advanced as theirs.

Xobot showed them some of their equipment they had brought from the shuttle. One particular person from the planet caught stronge interest in their technology. Her name was Roen. The leader of the villiage had explained to Xobot about unwanted visitors from Reptilian seller so they have space stations around the planet that shuts down any power system that comes around it. Power in and outside the planet is still usable. Their leader had also explained that this area was poor areas. Civilians had either a couple credits of money or none at all. Xobot, Jenbot, and Xbot were held in more wealthier areas where their buildings were made of metal and had very advanced technology, but nothing close the the Alliance.

Xobot requested that they would shut down their stations just for the time being for when they leave. They agreed. Wanting to know her cousin species more, Roen requested their leader to leave with Xobot. Her request was denied. That night, Xobot and Xbot had fixed the shuttle and were ready to leave. Xbot knew that Roen wanted to leave with them. And, of course, his excitement personallity lead him to sneak her out of the villiage. Running for they're lives (or Xbot running for his life), they accidently alerted the guards. After everyone got inside the shuttle, they flew out of the planets stations reach before they could shut down their power.

When they arrived at the Star Fighter, Xbot was in charge of taking care of Roens needs of her personal quarters, clothing, Alliance and Robotican information, culture, and even a small job to start out with. She was very grateful and plans not to return to her planet, at least not for a long time.


Xobot's crew had gotten used to having to go explore unknown regions and have new crew members, who are also new species, on board. It was something they like doing and wouldn't have any other job doing. Star date April 4th, 2067, Alliance command received a distress signal from one of the unknown regions on the edge of the galaxy. The signal had nothing in it, no trace of any known or unknown species, no trace of what technology it came from, no visual messages or audio, just a signal that seemed to have a message saying they need help. Knowing how many times Xobot's crew have been through this, they sent them to investigate. When they reached where the signal had came from, they found an unknown saucer looking vessel in a nebula. They hailed the ship multiple times. None were responded back. Xobot lead a party of five, himself, Zorak, Xbot, Jenbot, and Roen, to board the unknown vessel. They had to blast a small hole in the ships hull to get in, not knowing where they shuttle bay was (if it had one). After surveying the ship, they found dead bodies of black, animal-looking creatures, along with damages on the walls, burnt holes from what looks like fire arms being used, and the power was shut down. The ship it self looked like it had taken a lot of damage, but was still work-able. It was a large ship, many doors, many hallways. Most of what they saw made almost no sense to them. When they finally found the bridge, they turned on the power accidently. A bright flash of light blinded the party team. When the light was gone, the ships scanners read that they weren't where they ship was last located next to the Star Fighter. Before they knew it, other creatures that looked like the dead bodies on the floor breached into the ships hull. They took the party into custody. They were taken to one of the creatures ship. It's ship had around the same size as an Alliance shuttle. They traveled through space; within minutes, they arrived at a massive space station (SubZero Defiant) the party has ever seen. It looked nothing like what any of the species the Alliance has even glanced at could build. After landing on one of their docks, they were taken into prison cells. Xobot was brought over to see Kego in an unknown(well unknown to Xobot) chamber. Kego and Xobot talked about what had happened. He explained about the distress signal he was responding to. he also told him a little information about the Alliance and their purpose. Kego took this into thought. He send Xobot back to his cell. After two hours, they were released and were sent back to their ship through a portal they've made. Kego advised them to follow a shuttle back into the portal with the Star Fighter.

After docking with the SubZero Defiant bay, the Alliance crew met up with Kego. He explained a little about their species, the Shape Shifters in Alliance wording. He also explained a little about the war between them and another group of Shape Shifters, Royal agains Rebel, along of the fact that Shifters have the technology to travel through time and parallel universes ( though they usually don't travel through parallel universes). Though thinking that the Shifters were probably not interested on being part of the Alliance due to the war, he did ask if they needed assistance in any way. Surprisingly enough, the Rebels did ask if they would have some part in the Alliance, maybe not much, but enough to be part of it. Xobot gladly accepted and made a trade between them and the Alliance. The Shifters would trade part of their technology to the Alliance and the Alliance would trade their information about their universe and their history. Knowing how loyal the Alliance is and what their purpose is, the Rebels share the SubZero Defiant with the Alliance as Kego's and Xobot's station, both groups helping each other.


Star date 2068.


5 feet tall, 130 pounds, Robotic, male.

Xobot is mostly an average looking robotic. Like most robotics, he wears grey and gold armor along with power lights on his body. Under the armor, he wears a dark jump suit. What rare to find on Robotics is the triangle shaped, blue, glowing ears. Xobot had thought that he would spend most of his life in the Alliance; making a "tattoo" Alliance symbol. All Robotic Alliance officers wear an Alliance rank piece around their chest. Citizens or non-Alliance officers don't have that rank. Xobot's gold armor reflects his rank in the Alliance Navy. Because of the Alliance Navy not wanting to offend other alien species by using human rank symbols for alien officers, humans had to make more simpler shapes as ranks. The amount of gold plates, along with the shapes of the plates, may reflect the rank the officer is. Also, gold armor plates have protective sheilding in case of a surprise attack.

Like all, if not most, of his species, Robotics have life lights on their chest, showing that they are alive; similar to humans and their heart beats. The colors of their life lights are generally red, blue, green, and purple. Other colors maybe caused by a birth defect or other situations dealing with mutations. Xobot's main colors are red, blue, green, and tan.

Xobot, along with Infect and Linksis, is the only Robotic that have two toed feet and a tail. This is caused by the event of creating Xobot's opposite clone, Infect.

Xobot's armor is fairly new since his arrival to SubZero Defiant. He has three scars, one on each ear, one caused by a Shifter accident on his home planet, another from a battle one the Zorzen's home planet. The third scar is on his back. This occured during Xobot's mutation before separated from Infect's body.

Xobot is rarely shown without his armor. He mostly prefers wearing some sort of armor rather than clothing only because the quotes that they get stuck between his elbow and groin joints.

When in battle, danger, or when angry, Xobot will appear to have dark red spikes on his back and on the back of his ears, similar to Infect.


Xobot is capable of using generally all weapons for his species and not for his species in swords, fire arms, and hand to hand combat. He is capable of flying most space vessels of any kind, water vessels, air vessels, and land vessels. His Robotic mind (like most Robotics) allow him to learn, read, and remember things faster than most other species, giving their memories as if they were flash backs for a certain period of time; this gives him the capability to remember so much in so little time. This also gives him the ability to adapt to anything more quickly than other species as well. When in battle, danger, or angry, Xobot appears with dark red spikes on his back and on the back of his ears, similar to Infect. This gives him the ability to think faster, strategizes in micro-seconds, and increase his speed, damage capacity, and strength. This comes in handy when in tight situations.


Xobot had always been a kind person towards everybody. No one really had a problem getting to know him or being friends with him. On duty, Xobot can be serious and focuses on his work. He likes to keep his work life separate from his personal life to keep peace between crew mates or friends. When around people he doesn't know or any females that he has some interest in, he becomes shy and tends to skip words or talk as if he trying to sound out words. When on duty, his shyness tends to be hidden in most cases.

Likes: during Xobot's free time, he will visit some of the popular areas of SubZero Defiant where they hold markets, restaurants, parks, fairs, you name it. He also likes reading old Human novels from earlier 21st century interested in what Humans thought the future was going to be like, sleeping, running sports from different cultures from different planets, or drawing. He loves food, especially food from Earth, Robotic, and Zorzen cultures. Xobot loves star gazing at night. It gives him comfort at the beauty, especially when SubZero Defiant passes a rare nebula. This also brings his love of traveling through space, meeting new species, and gathering information. Being a Robotic, it is almost an instinct to follow any advance technology. When Robotics find a piece of technology, they instantly grab it and study it and make use of it. Xobot loves tropical areas for its beauty rather than the humid, snow areas for it's opportunities to craft, sled, and the cold, and large cities because of its technology.

Dislikes: lazy people, extremely loud and busy crouds. He honestly didn't mind a lot of people where he was at, just that the noise of all the different species hurt his ears. Infect had always been on his "killing list" since both of them consider to be the real Xobot. Xobot doesn't have a favorite to Reptilian foods because of what's in them, of what the food it, and for it's taste. This gives Lizard many opportunities to prank him. Xobot never liked being in very humid or hot areas like a desert. He always found them a lack of enviornment and only a place for Reptilians to adapt to. Xobot hates "old technology" that isn't electrical. Being raised a Robotic filled with advanced technology, he would try to stay away from any thing that looked like feathered pens and painted rocks unless needed to.


  • Jenbot - Life lovers in the begining, then hot boiled enemies, later to be friends. For most of when he knew her, he had been the love of his and her life. After she met Infect again on SubZero Defiant, Jenbot loved him and left Xobot. It left him heart shattered. Having Infect and Xobot be enemies made it hard for Jenbot to be a lover and to a friend with one and the other. Eventually through the years, Xobot got over his love for Jenbot and she was able to be friends with him.
  • Infect - Xobot and Infect were never exactly brotherly friends, in fact just the opposite. Xobot knows Infects history (literally) and even after their separation know his history, being a brutal person and first comes first serve, selfish. After Jenbots separation with Xobot, it worsened his chances of being friends with his real self. Infect had always thought of being more of the real Xobot, rather than being a mutated clone, but he knows what he really is. Xobot had eventually got over his love for Jenbot. Wanting to be friends with his real self, he acts more kind around Xobot. After the years, Xobot and Infect become comrades and some what friends.
  • Xbot - Xobot knew Xbot practically from birth. Xbot, being his younger brother, always had a thing for harassing Xobot playfully. Sometimes Xbot's need for excitement and adventure lead them and Xbot's girlfriend into serious trouble during their child years.
  • Roen - Xobot doesn't really know that much about Xbot's future wife, Roen. He knows that she is good at monitoring anything that mechanically moves and that she is good for advice when in relationships problems.
  • Linksis - At first, Xobot viewed Linksis as if she was a foreigner rather than a friend. Her sexual act around him always made him nervous and not to be around her more. He treated her more like an officer to boss around rather than respecting her. After figuring out about Jenbot leaving Xobot, Linksis started to leave Xobot alone. Eventually, Xobot realized that it was nice to have someone around that cares about you. Linksis eventually becomes Xobot's second life wife.
  • Lizard - Xobot never trusted the child acting Reptile, not because of any sinister thing he might do, but of all the jokes and pranks he traps Xobot in. When they first met, Xobot treated him like a usual officer. Lizard thought of Xobot as too serious, not harsh, just to serious, and found the time to prank him off duty. Xobot would alway threaten the Reptile about sending him to the brig or to another ships away from Xobot. But, getting to know each other better, Lizard is a good friend to Xobot, one of his best.
  • Zorak - Zorak was always serious around Xobot, to fulfill his duties to the best and for Xobot to be proud of him. Xobot viewed the Zorzen as a hard worker, maybe too hard he had once thought. The only down side he had was being friends-before-you-know-it with Lizard, causing both of them to be late on duty constantly. After Xobot, Xbot, Lizard, and Zorak visiten a human American Fair on Luna's space station, Zorak became one of Xobot's good friends.
  • Kego - Xobot never really got the chance of being friends with Kego. Most of the time they were in the same room was when they were on duty in SubZero Defiant's control center. Kego was always thought of a trustful person. Not knowing the Shifters much made him a little nervous around him. Every once in a while, Kego would come up to Xobot and try to persuade him to go to the entertainment center and talk. Xobot being busy with Jenbot, Linksis, the Alliance, and helping the Rebel Shifters win their war was never able to go.

Other MediaEdit

Xobot is mostly shown in Mattex01's gallery on On a side story, Xobot is friends with Cebius's character Cirbius.



-Xobot's last name "Sakura" is a Japanese name meaning "cherry blossom."

-Xobot's first name came from the word robot. Before turing the "Mysterious X" into the Alliance, the creator wanted a small robot character in the plot. Here came Xobot.

-Xobot is shown in the game Galactic Alpha, created by Cebius on

-Deloks were originally never the reason why Infect was created. It used to be where one of Xobot's long term enemies had kidnapped him and poisoned him.

-He's a virgin.

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