Xbot Sakura is the weapons systems on the Star Ship Star Fighter. He is one of the main characters in "The Alliance."



Born December 24, 2043, on Robotican, age 25 on the year 2068. Species, Robotic. Raised mostly in the city of Beta-Void.


5 feet tall, 125 pounds, Robotic, male. Xbot is an average looking Robotic. Unlike his brother(s), he has not been in any kind of mutation. This means, no tail, no claws, and no two toed feet. Like most robotics, he wears grey and gold armor along with power lights on his body. Under the armor, he wears a dark jump suit. All Robotic Alliance officers wear an Alliance rank piece around their chest. Citizens or non-Alliance officers don't have that rank. Xbot's gold armor reflects his rank in the Alliance Navy. Because of the Alliance Navy not wanting to offend other alien species by using human rank symbols for alien officers, humans had to make more simpler shapes as ranks. The amount of gold plates, along with the shapes of the plates, may reflect the rank the officer is. Also, gold armor plates have protective sheilding in case of a surprise attack.

Like all, if not most, of his species, Robotics have life lights on their chest, showing that they are alive; similar to humans and their heart beats. The colors of their life lights are generally red, blue, green, and purple. Other colors maybe caused by a birth defect or other situations dealing with mutations. Xbot's main colors are red, blue, green, and tan. Xbot's armor is fairly new since his arrival to SubZero Defiant.

Xbot has a red antenna on top of his head. He sometimes can use it to pick up radio waves.


Xbot has been known to be many things: ignorant, selfish, annoying, loving, kind, and fun. It depends on who he's talking to is when he will act different. It also depends on the gender. If he's talking to a female, he usually talks in a firty tone. Unless he is talking to a friend of his who is female, like Jenbot, then he will not be using a firty tone. When talking to a male, then that depends on who it is, whether he'll be kind or disrespectful.

Likes: During his free time, Xbot loves to spend time with Roen or being with his friends. He loves food of any kind from any planet except for Zorzen food. Unlike his brother, he doesn't mind the loud crowds you would find in the market areas.

Dislikes: Xbot hates people mocking him or acting just like the way he acts. He also hates when people are disrespectful to him.


  • Xobot - Being his younger brother, Xbot always had a thing for annoying Xobot. Out of the two brothers, Xbot was the most spoiled and was generally more popular, which draws a line between him and Xobot for their different personalities.
  • Roen - When first meeting her, Xbot had thought of her as a friend. After she got a job on the Star Fighter, he had grown attached to her.
  • Infect - Xbot thought of Infect as an animal in the image of his brother. Eventually, he thought of Infect as a person who would attack if he didn't get his way. For a long time, Xbot feared Infect when he was around only because of his personality. As time progressed, he had grew out of his fear and they became friends.
  • Linksis - When first viewing Linksis, Xbot thought she was cute but weird. He didn't see much of Linksis until he was around Xobot. After Linksis had learned about the Alliance's culture, Xbot and Linksis became friends.
  • Jenbot - Hearing about Jenbot being Xobot's wife, he would always give them a hard time. Though she would never take his act seriously since they were brother and sister-in-law and were friends. After Jenbot left Xobot, her and Xbot's relation decreased.
  • Lizard - Having a similar personality, Lizard and Xbot instantly became best friends. They would play pranks on other officers (Xobot) and go to the beach with their wifes/girlfriends.



-Xbot was originally suppose to be evil or had a darker personality, instead of Infect.

-Xbot's last name "Sakura" is a Japanese name meaning "cherry blossom."

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