Viko is the first Rebel Shifter leader, father of Kego the second leader.



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5 feet, 11 inches


150 pounds


Past Leader of the Rebel Shifters




Shape Shifter





Raised on New Shidra, he was one of many children of the Royals. He had his entire life already planned out and didn't plan on changing anything. After he became an adult, his job was a historian. As years past, the Shifter species began to be over populated. Civilians started dying, entire cities bankrupt, and people fighting for survival. The Shifter King and Queen took caution in their plans to solve the problem. They tried making peace with other species to co-exist. After the species denied their request, the Shifters started sending troops and platoons to conquer planets. Viko became interested in what his parents were up to. Finding out what his species was doing, he searched for different answers to help their over-populated problem. He presented them to the King and Queen, but were too busy to look at his plan.

Rebel ShiftersEdit

Viko started hearing news of a small group of Shifters wanting to try different ways to save the Shifters. They tried stopping rebelling against the armies and platoons by firing them down or rioting, but every plan to stop them failed. After Viko's multiple attempts to talk to the King and Queen, he joined the rebel group. Earth year 0011, Viko became the Rebel Shifter leader. He may have known how to command servants in a house hold, but he didn't know how to command soldiers of an army. He had decided, as the leader, to quiet down the Rebel attacks due to many pointless lost battles. He took this time to regroup and study information and military tactics from multiple species including his own. He had secretly joined the Shifter Military for experience. No one knew he was the son of the Royals, rather than just another grunt. During this, he sent a small platoon to find areas outside of New Shidra space, hoping to find a station to take over. It was a success. Once Viko had served in the military for seven years, he took on a job as a Military technician. Once in a while, the Royla Shifters would plan something or start building something large, Viko would announce it to the rebels. Eventually, he had quit the military and flew to the Rebel Shifters station undetected. He then started training everybody military tactics and information that he had learned. They sent spies into New Shidra. After hearing that the Royal Shifters were creating SubStations, they started looking for a good station to conquer.

Attack on SubZero DefiantEdit

Viko had recruited more soldiers to join the Rebel Shifters. After training them, he sent them to conquer SubZero Defiant. During the war for Defiant, one female had joined the Rebel group as a soldier. This was a big shock due to her being the first female to join as a soldierm. Most females join as a medic or nurse or food supply. Her name was Tulu (tooloo). At first, they would argue over good decisions to help the Rebel shifters. During her training, he began to like her. They soon married and had thier first (and only child) Kego year 0016. He assigned his son to be raised in the Military, knowing that Kego will live to see the day when the Rebel shifters will win over the Royals, but not himself. Viko was strict when raising Kego, training him day after day, teaching him survival and military tactics, and planning his future. Kego didn't have much freedom in his childhood. He felt sorry that he wasn't able to have a more normal life, but he swore that after the Rebels conquer the Royals, his life will go well.


Shortly after Kego became a young adult, it was his first time bringing his son into a real battle. When Viko and Kego were ambushed, Viko gave his life to save his son, his gave time for Kego to escape for help. After the battle was won, Kego brought his fathers dead body to the nearest base. After Kego had conquered SubZero Defiant, Kego and his mother buried Viko in the Stations grave yard along with many other dead soldiers.


5 feet 11 inches, 150 pounds, male, Shifter.

At first, Viko was wealthy. His rubber fur would sparkle and shine. Not one particle of dust would touch Viko. He would wear armor that would signify his role in society and it wouldn't have a scratch or dent in it. After joining the Rebel Shifters and becoming the leader, Viko seems to be more built more than most Shifters. He has kept most of his clothing and armor from his Royal years only for the reason that they are the best clothing and armor to protect him. As battles and wars drew, he began to receive scars.


Viko wasn't always the kindest person to know. When living a Royal life, he was a brat who got everything he got and was spoiled. If something wasn't done right, he would punish the person who made the mistake harshly and with no mercy.

As the leader of the Rebel Shifters, he has matured greatly. He is still strict when it comes to training or during battle, but also has a soft heart when it comes to saving civilians and his family.


  • Kego - As his son, Viko loves Kego and will give his life for him. Like most good parents, nothing is more important than Kego in his eyes.
  • Tulu - At first, Viko hated her. She would always go against his orders and go with her own plans. After many years, he began to like her. He would playfully pick on her and flirt with her. Eventually, he loved her and married her.


-Kego was originally the first and only Rebel Shifter leader, not Viko.

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