Alliance cover by mattex01-d2zour3

From left to right, Jenbot (lovely, sexy, respected), Xobot (loyal, responcible, humble), and Infect (fricken loner...)

The Alliance graphic novel is the main story of the media "The Alliance." In the graphic novel, the story takes place in the 2060-2070's about Xobot and his crew of the star ship "Star Fighter" and the station "SubZero Defiant."


In the graphic novel, the story takes place in 2068, 4 years after Xobot Sakura had found the Rebel Shifter space station SubZero Defiant. The beginning starts with Royal servants dragging a Rebel soldier named Ruko to the King and Queen of the Royal Shifters. Showing some compassionate, the King and Queen try to convince the Rebel soldier to give the location of the Rebel station SubZero Defiant. Refusing, Ruko is shot in the legs by Neon, a Royal Shifter general and agent top of his class. Still refusing, he is sent back to his prison cell while the King and Queen send Neon on an important task.

Arriving to the station SubZero Defiant, the novel introduces the main characters Xobot, Kego, Roen, Jenbot, Xbot, Zorak, Lizard, Infect, and S. 47.


  • Xobot
  • Jenbot
  • Xbot
  • Infect
  • Roen
  • Kego
  • Lizard
  • Zorak
  • Ruko
  • Neon


-The graphic novel was first introduced on DeviantArt September 28, 2010. The novel is not finished and is presently continuing.

-The original Alliance comic was originally named the Mysterious X.

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