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The Shape Shifters are the most unknown species known to the Milky Way Galaxy. They are found to be the most advanced species known the the Alliance. They live far outside the Milky Way Galaxy in another dimension similar to our own. Their actual species name is Shidrian.



As far as any species knows in any government, the Shifters have the longest timeline. Living in another dimension, their planet is actually a sphere station. Shifters have a large time span filled with many events from wars to peace treaties to population infections to advancement on technology. Shifters are always in a Royalty/Democratic government. But before then, they used to have different countries constantly fighting each other the planet, Shidra, their actual home planet. Not much is known about life on Shidra. Most any one knows is that there was a doomsday that occured that had killed more than 95% of the Shape Shifter population. No one knows what the cause of the doomsday was. Over populated, robots they created attacking, meteors falling, climate shifting, no one knows. The survivors had packed all their supplies of food, water, equipment, technology samples, and took a battleship into space off their planet. The remaining survivors built onto the ship, using resources from moons and planets. Eventually, the population grew and the ship kept advancing. Realizing that their ship was slowly loosing the fuel powering the ship, the Shifters made a reusable power source that would never stop. They settled their ship near a nebula. As billions of years were spent, the ship kept growing and the population kept accelerating. The ship began to look like a perfect sphere of pipes, metal plates, and lights. As time progressed, they invented technology that controls weather and climates. Their "planet" began to take shape.

After New Shidra/Rebel ShiftersEdit

After millions long, exhausting years, their home was finally redone, and the Shidrian were reborn. They developed their Royal/Democratic government, built cities and built civilizations. Around the Earth year 0002, Shifter population started to become too much for the planet, not enough room to live, not enough food, not enough resources. The Royals began to make plans on how to solve the situation. They tried setting laws that families can only have two children max, tried building more room, tried living on ships. None of the plans worked. Their last plan was to find land to colonize. They tried making peace with other species on different places, asking permission to share land for their species and hopefully co-exist. Most species declined. They started sending troops and platoons to conquer planets, knowing it was the only way to save their species. A small group rebelled against their cruel act and tried stopping the Kind and Queen. None were successful. Viko started a group called the Rebel Shifters in the Earth year 0011. They recruited everyone who thought that the idea of conqering land was wrong. Their method of solving their population problem was to colonize moons for a start, but most of the mining tools were used by slaves. Only a few Royal Shifters know about the Rebels, only to be told that there is no group. By the year 0013, the Rebels launched their first attack. A war broke out. Battles were held in civilian areas filled with jobs and homes. Many soldiers and innocent people were killed. Most of the Rebels were taken prisoner and were murdered. Viko ordered to fall back and hide. They fled out of New Shidra into unknown space trying to find a small station they could take over from the Royals. They found a small station that seemed to look like an ancient Shifter station that was well preserved. They boarded the station and made it their headquarters until they can find some way to find a better home for the Rebels. Meanwhile, the Royal Shifters started building Sub stations, their first was SubZero Defiant. These stations were a smaller version of New Shidra. They sent these stations all around unknown parts of the universe, looking for good solar systems to conquer. Rebel spies were put all around different parts of Royal space, hoping for a good station to take over.

The New LeaderEdit

Viko ordered an attack on SubZero Defiant. Many battles took place on that station. On the year 0016, Viko's wife gave birth to Kego, the same day Neon was also born. They raised him in the Military, wanting him to take over his fathers place as the next Rebel Leader. Shortly after Kego became a young adult Shifter, his father died in battle. Kego took over and won the small war over SubZero Defiant. By then, the Rebel Shifters had became popular in the Royal world. Shifters started making small clips of Rebels versus the Royals and what's going for the childrens education so they will join the Royal's military to help fight. That or live as a civilian where only wealthy Shifters have food and water and a place to live, and it's not much. Battles after battles, war ranges on to the 21st century in 2068.


Similar to the SubZero Defiant station, the headquarters of the entire Shifter relm controls everything from weather to climates to geographic shapes. Their government is controled by Royals, a king and queen that controls all. In general, civilians are able to make their lives as they please, but when ever the King or Queen make a decision or tell a civilian what to do, they have to obey, but this rarely happens.

Their technology is far more advanced than any species and any government and military in the Milky Way Galaxy. Their weapons are lasers. The appearance of their weapons look similar to Earths 1940-60's science fiction television programs that would show fake looking lasers and poor sound effects. Shifters have the technology to make those kind of weapons possible, and are using them.

For the most part depending on the social rank the Shifter is, males and females are treated equally. Poor females are usually sold as slaves, though poor males will never be slaves unless wanted to.


Aside the fact that they can shape shift, Shidrians, or Shape Shifters, have been known to have familiar looks of a cat when it comes to their heads. Their body is a mixture of a black scaly/rubbery skin and grey fur. They have hair like spikes coming form their backs and the back of their heads, along with red bone spikes coming from the bottom of their necks to the end of their tail. They have light blue eyes and red eye brows. Their chest reactor is blue, along with twin blue spikes on their backs that allows them to shape shift. They have claws at the end of their fingers and toes. Their legs are in the shape similar to animals, like Anthropomorphic.


Shidrians are able to shape shift into any shape they want, no matter if it's in the shape of another person of another or the same species, if it's something on the wall, a plant, an animal, even technology. This ability is created by the blue twin spikes on their backs. Without them, they can't shape shift But their original form is always their black, cat like shape.

If a Shifter is in any kind of extreme pressure, they can't shape shift.

Shifters are generally very strong and very fast and swiff.

Shifters can adapt to most any enviornment except in extreme weathers.

Known ShiftersEdit


-The original "villians" of the Alliance were never shape shifters, or aliens. They were just another group of Humans that wanted to destroy the Alliance like a childs movie.

-At a certain point in time, Kego comments on Shifters liking dark areas.

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