S. 47 is Cheif Medic on the star ship Star Fighter and on station SubZero Defiant. He is one of the main characters in the Alliance.

S. 47
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S. 47




5.8 foot


154 pounds


Star Fighter and SubZero Defiant's Chief Medic






Not much is known about S. 47. The only things that people know about him is that he is a Zorzen Cheif Medical Doctor who seems to be the best at his job than anyone else in any species the Alliance and other species has ever known.

His history is also unknown. For the most the Alliance has known for, S. 47 was raised on the Zorzen homeworld like most every other Zorzen. After the Zorzen allied themselves with the Alliance, S. 47 had been assigned to be the Cheif Medical Doctor for the star ship Star Fighter, and later, the SubZero Defiant.


Most Zorzens have enviornmental suits, gas masks on the side of their face, and armor. S. 47 has very thin armor peices that can only withstand small caliber bullets and sheilds. His eyes have mechanical optics around them, giving him amazing vision. His mask gives him the ability to breathe in three more gases than an average Zorzen (with a mask) can breathe. He has a small wire that runs from his head to his shoulder that leads to a medic pack on his back. Some say this is from the machines that the Zorzen are fighting. Others say that he needs the pack or else he won't be able to live. No one really know.


S. 47 is the smartest Cheif Medical Doctor in all the species in and outside the Alliance Navy. He seems to be the best out of any one the Alliance has ever seem at his job. He is able to treat to most any species with any injury except if the person is already dead within the next thirty minutes. He is able to create other medical utensils using scrap parts and or medical equipment already made.


S. 47 has been known to be cold hearted when it comes to his duty. He likes to complain a lot about his job saying that there aren't enough equipment or that he is forced to be here. He has a particular likeness though. A lot of patients seem to complement on his job after being injured.


  • Xobot - Though not even the commanding officer knows hardly anything about the cyborg Zorzens past, Xobot and S. 47 are friends. At times they may argue about S. 47's medical supplies or how the patient is how to be treated, but they get along quite well.
  • Xbot - Xbot has visit the medic bay far more many times than almost every officer in the Star Fighter and on the SubZero Defiant, which means that he also visits S. 47 the most out of everybody as well. Xbot is the one who knows the Doc most. He is one of Xbot's closest friends.
  • Infect - S. 47 knows Infect more than anybody else does, even Infect himself (when it comes to biology). But as for their relationship, they act more like officer to officer rather than actual friends, let alone minor friends. At times, S. 47 would patch up an injury on Infect from a fight he got into or from a mission. S. 47 has nothing against Infect, and the same from Infect to S. 47, but the Zorzen medic does prefer Xobot over Infect.
  • Lizard - S. 47 knows about Lizard and Xbot's history of their friendship, along with the amount of hospital trips they had to go in. S. 47 thinks of the Reptile a moron and questions Xobot's reasons why he requested him to be serving with them in the first place. Xobot always had his reasons, but never exactly told them. At times, Lizard would be a test subject for a medic utensil that S. 47 has made or invented.
  • Zorak - Knowing that Zorak and S. 47 are both Zorzen kind of give a head start in their friendship. Their friendship didn't start out because they are the same species, but because of their home planet. Every once in a while, Zorak would get information on Zorikal and give the info to S. 47. Sometimes they would share ideas or opinions on their war against their machines or about the Alliance or even on S. 47's medical equipement. Along from Xbot, Zorak is one of S. 47's closest friends.
  • Linksis - Like probably everyone else, everybody thought Linksis was straight out weird. People judged on her appearance, why she wears a mask rather than a mouth plate, her language, and even her act. S. 47 did think Linksis was weird, but it was nothing he hadn't seem before, like her appearance to always wear bikini like clothing and her sensual act, except for her mask and her language. Every once in a while when Linksis is in the Medical bay, you would hear S. 47 mumbling to himself about how annoying her language is or how hard it is to calibrate her mask ever month. Along from her appearance, S. 47 doesn't really mind Linksis. He considers her a minor friend, and strange mate for Xobot since they are (or will be) a couple.



-At the moment, the "s" in S. 47's name doesn't mean anything, along with the 47

-S. 47 has been known to have similarities to Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager, given that they both have cybernetic parts installed into them.

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