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The Robotics have been found to be the most interesting species the Alliance has ever known. They are organics that live with the appearance of humanoid machines. Their home planet, Robotican, is located in the Alpha System.



For as long as they can remember and as far as their history books can go, the Robotics have been living on Robotican peacefully for many millions of years. They focus on mathemitics and trying to make a bright future for themselves. For most of the time the Robotics existed, their technology had always been advanced than most species except the Zorzen. There are times when trade markets between Robotics and Zorzen would compete. There were only three major wars taken on Robotic, one fought about conquering land, one fought for equality of different Robotics, and the last was fought for technology. Most of the species that have read this history of the Robotics find them boring, too mathemitical, too flawless, though people do like to see Robotics act unordinary when under pressure.

Though at one period of time, Shifter scientists took a large group of Robotics and located them in the Vergo system to see how Robotics would react to an new enviornment. Shifters thought that the stranded Robotics would go crazy and kill themselves or attack each other due to the lack of technology but surprisingly enough, the Robotics adapted and created a villiage. After many centries of the Shifters watching the Robotics, their population grew, they made different clans and villiages, and created another Robotican, except with different cultures.


When you're walking through the cities of Robotican, most, if not all, the symbols of their language deal with numbers and mathematical letters. This is one reason a lot of species find the Robotican language boring since their mathematics are very similar to others. At lot of their technology is far more advanced than Humans on Earth (Note: cultures and governments between Earth and the Alliance are different). For example, Humans from Earth generally use bullets in their fire arms, Robotics use small bullet size lasers. Humans use wheals on their vehicles, Robotics use hover technology.

Though on Robotican II (where Roen was born), their culture is more spiritual. They have rituals for adulthood, gatherings for their worshiping, and have leaders who decide the citizens future and their jobs. The Robotics there still have advanced technology, but are used for different purposes.

One Robotican, males and females are treated equally. Though on Robotican II, males are more dominant than females.


Robotics are the closest species to resemble Humans as a general body shape. A lot of the Robotics wear armor that cover their heads, upper and lower arms and legs, their chest, waist area, hands and feet. They generally wear some kind of jump suit under the armor which covers their entire body. Sometimes you see Robotics wearing clothing on top of their armor (generally worn by teen Robotics). Other times when on a warm sunny day, they will wear all clothing and no amror. Colors that are generally worn are greys, black, dark colors (never light or neon colors), silver, and gold. Females are the only gender of their species to have hair. Their hair up close look like extremely thin wires. Some Robotics have antennas for ears, others have ears that act like an 11th and 12th finger (Xobot, Infect), others is just a wire with or without a light on top, and there are the people who have no kind of ear appearance at all. And of course, since they are technically living robots, they have glowing lights around their bodies. Their lights are generally located on their lower arms, chest areas, thighs and lower legs, and even on their head. They can decide whether to light up their hair or not. Their eyes are protected with glass on top, being sensitive to air around them when it comes to their eyes. Most people don't know that their eyes are actually optics that are under the glass. They project different light rays that go into the glass in front and then are able to see everything in front of them perfectly. This doesn't mean that they can't see without the glass, but it will make it challenging to see and it will give them great pain if their skin that controls the optics make contact with air of any kind.

Robotics fron Robotican II wear robes and cloaks. Their naked body shape is the exact same as the Robotics on Robotican I, but the clothing is different. Their colors are generally similar to Ancient Rome, reds, yellows, golds, tans, browns.

Robotics have two bright lighst on their chest, signifying that they're alive. This is similar to a heart of a human when it's beating. The color of their life lights are generally red, blue, green, tan, or purple.


Robotics maybe boring, but they have a lot of interesting facts about them. Very few Robotics are able to connect to an electrical circut in any electrical working machines (ships, vehicles, ipods, phones, computers, televisions). With that, they are able to hack into a system, receive information, send information, pretty much act like a living computer.

Robotics have the ability to adapt to different situations and different enviornments quickly, which is why Shifters used them for tests. When coming to a piece of equipment that seems meaningless or broken, Robotics have the general knowledge of fixing it.

They have the technology and ability of installing something into their body. If one wanted larger fingers or a different pair of ears, they are able to change, though most like what their parents give them. Though, they can't replace everything. The only body parts they can replace are fingers, ears, an entire arm or leg (if taken off in war, rare though), eye shapes, light and eye colors, and hand and feet sizes.

Known RoboticsEdit


-Originally, Robotican II never existed

-The original concept for Robotics were much more organic rather than robotic looking

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