The Reptilians are most known for their kind hearted and relaxed/laid back personalities. Humans concider them to resemble reptiles on Earth. Their home planet, Kowaiha, is located in the Olina System.



Reptilians were not always the nice kind of people. They used to be harsh and brutal. They were kept in separate countries with different cultures so they wouldn't cause any dangers to their race. But that didn't stop them from causing wars. Most of the time, their wars were for their different cultures that would get in the way. This country would catch interest in another country, but that country would attack if the other would try to enter. Their need for exploration and their curiosity got the best of them (and cruel acts), which lead to wars. Their species was almost exterminated. They realized what they did to each other and created one country. This had rules that suited each person well and would keeping each others different cultures to them selves rather than in public.

Eventually as their species progressed and rebuilt themselves through many generations, they forgot their previous cultures and lived on with new ones. Their act for war turned into acts of peace. Most had forgot their history, but the Military had kept files of everything that had happened. They never share it to the public or with anyone in the military, but the head leaders know what not to do to repeat history.


If your in need of some encouragement from someone, nine times out of ten, Reptilians are the perfect people to go to. They're the most kindest species any species in the Alliance ever knows. Even in the most unwanted or most dangerous, life threatening area, they always find a positive side. Their jobs in the Alliance are mostly entertaining, though they still get good payment (unlike some jobs). This doesn't mean that they'll have someone point a gun at their head and they give them a smile, they still have other emotions like all the rest of the species in the Alliance. Their military is very strict and everyone on Kowaiha knows it. If any Reptilian signs up in the military, most of them know that it's going to be challenging.

Their technology is similar to Humans, but they have space travel capabilities. Generally, Reptilians don't actually travel through space unless they are going to a planet they know of for either meetings or resources or trades. Never, do they travel to unknown regions just to explore.

Their weapons are cambered with bullets, rather than lasers or blasters. They don't have sheilds, but they do wear armor that protects them as if they have sheilds.

On Kowaiha, males and females are treated equally.


Average height is between six to seven feet. Reptilians are known to resemble reptiles on Earth, preferably gecko's. They have green and yellow colored scales. Most have their yellow scales along their front side, form the bottom of their chin, down their neck, chest, stomach, groin, and the inside of their legs, feet, hands, and arms. Their heads are similar to gecko's as well. They have two toed feet and two fingered hands and a tail. Their eyes are yellow, those some are darker than others. On duty, their uniforms cover their entire body, even their head (masks), in a black and blue color. Each personel carries one side arm for any emergency. When off duty or a civilian, Reptilians usually wear plain clothing; brown pants and a robe, and a bra if female. Reptilians seem to wear what Humans would call a large swim suit, though this is just normal for them.


Reptilians are the kindest species the Alliance knows, and the tallest. They are more flexible and faster than others.

They reproduce like humans, but six months after sex, they lay an egg and it hatches rather than the body coming out of its shell inside the mothers body.

Their scales are very smooth, but thick and hard to crack.

Known ReptiliansEdit

  • Lizard
  • Talie


-Olina means Joy for joyful in Hawaiian

-Zorikal (the Zorzen home planet) was originally Reptilian home world.

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