Linksis Neran is a medic for the station SubZero Defiant and the star ship Star Fighter. She is one of the main characters in the Alliance.

Linksis Neran Sakura
Linksis2 copy
Linksis Neran Sakura


June 09, 2048


4 foot 10 inches


85 pounds


Medic of the station of SubZero Defiant





Job Partner:

S. 47



Born June 9th, 2048, on an unknown planet on grid 37. 14.6. She had been raised through some of her childhood with her step brother Voyba. They lived in a tropical area in the trees with only preadvanced technology, camp fires, wooden, buildings, wood and stone made weapons... A couple years after her birth and being raised with Voyba, the Royal Shifters had attacked. They sent ships and soldiers, killing innocent civilains, conquering land and resources, taking prisoners. One particular Shifter, Neon, captured Linksis and took her away from the planet. After several days of destruction, the Shifters left the planet, leaving the surviving civilains to work hard to restore their homes. Voyba's job was to pick up and use any technology the shifters might have left and to some day use it to follow the Shifters to save his step sister.

Begining of a Shifter SlaveEdit

After Neon had gathered enough civilians, he started training them for slavery, any disobedience ment unbearable, painful punishment with any method possible. Neon took interest of Linksis. She had done most of the steps correctly and immediately. It was impressive for her to be so successful for her young age. Neon had hand picked three slaves for his own reasons, Linksis being one of them. He took them into his personal quarters at one of the Royal Shifter command stations. He had gave assignments to each slave to see how excellent they would do completing their job. Impressed once again, Linksis got the job done as if it were no problem. Neon requested the King and Queen of the Royal Shifters taking a personal slave. They denied, replying that Neon was still in his training to be one of the Masteries of the fleet. Neon then sent Linksis and the rest of his slaves to a mining factory where most the other slaves work and live that don't have a specific job. She would get many injuries from this job, giving her many broken bones, illnesses, deep cuts.

Linksis had been nominated for many Shifter masters during her time. She served many masters only as a minor slave, working jobs like making meals, cleaning housing areas, yards, and even farming. But none of the Shifters would take her into consideration since she possesses a Robotic body. Though Shifters generally perfer having slaves of any race, Robotics were their least favorite of having a slave (except for Neon who perfers Robotics). For the most part, Robotics are used for either computer works, their body parts used for equipment and/or machinery, and for building structures that deal with space work. Finding no master that would take her, she went back to the mining factory.


Kego had found Linksis shortly after he had just been assigned the commander of the SubZero Defiant station. At this point in time, Neon was the only one who knew about Kego being part of the Rebel Shifters, so Kego tried to avoid any contact with Neon as much as possible. When he was looking over a list of slaves to be his slave, he took an interest in Linksis as well. He read her history and thought it would be a good idea to have her as his personal slave. Kego wasn't the one to have slaves since he believed in species having equel rights, but he wanted to fit in with the Royal Shifters to be more disguised. After Linksis was taken from the mining factory and was put into Kegos private quarters, Kego had treated her as if she was a guest, not a slave. He provided her with healthy and tasteful meals, actual clothing, water, and a place to live. Eventually after Kego had gained more of her trust, he had told her about the Rebel Shifters and his part in it. Swearing not to report him or to even think about the information Kego was giving her, Linksis acted like she didn't know a thing about Rebel Shifters when in public. Kego was called up to report to the King and Queen of the Royal Shifters, slaves weren't allowed so Linksis was put back into the mining factory, knowing that it was better than lending Linksis to an untrusted, random slave owner.

Shifter DNAEdit

At one point, Linksis had gotten into a fight with another worker by accidently knocking rocks from the Robotic male slaves hands into a pool 30 feet deep of monlten rock. The male Robotic started attacking Linksis. She was never a fighter, but she did block most of his strikes. Eventually, some of the other workers started helping the male Robotic. Linksis recieved many cuts, scratches, bruises, cracked bones, cracked glass eyes, and many other injuries. They threw her into the pool of molten rock pool and waited for the machine to poor in the lava. Barely moving, Linksis tried crawling out of the pool, climing jabbed rocks and burnt material imbedded with the wall. The machine started, pooring in solid rocks, then lava. Neon and a team of soldiers sprinted through the crowded work station, reaching the machine Linksis was trapped in. Shortly after the machine started, they pulled Linksis out of the machines pool. Unconsious, Linksis was slowly reaching her death. Neon and the team immediatly transported her to a medical facility. The doctor had fixed most of her scratches, broken bones, missing meat the lava took, and the illness, but she was still dying. A nurse suggested using Shifter DNA to help her heal and hopefully help her live. Neon agreed to do the procedure. Days later, Linksis was now in perfect shape once again, but with claws on her fingers and a tail. The King and Queen saw how important Linksis was to Neon, so they had allowed Neon to keep Linksis as him personal slave.

Neon's SlaveEdit

Linksis enjoyed being Neon's slave. Something that a slave and their master has to do is to get to know each other more, even their most personal information. This is usually for the slaves to know what their masters like, dislike, schedule, eating habits, everything their master does and for the slave to follow in case they are ordered to do something. Masters usually know their slave so they know what kind of job they are capable of doing, which lucky for Neon, Linksis is almost capable of almost everything.


4 foot, 10 inches tall, 85 pounds, Robotic, female.

Linksis' appearance is mostly an average living Robotic. Something that you mostly don't see on Robotics is gold armor. Most Robotics have grey and/or silver armor and may have gold armor platings on top of the grey/silver armor. The reason Linksis is the only Robotic to have gold armor is because she customized it herself rather than going to the markets or the Alliance uniform station. Another thing Robotics don't usually have is her head gear. The metal plate in the center, rising from her head. She had also customized that, along with the mask she has rather than a mouth plate and the lower arm lights. Average Robotics have circle lights of greens, blues, and reds. Linksis presents four very thin, black lines that glow tan.

Before she had the Shifter DNA imbedded in her DNA, she looked like a Robot wearing ragged cloths, which was a bra and a loin cloth. At this time period, Linksis never had a tail or claws, she was just a normal Robotic, tailless and clawless. After the Shifter DNA, she now has the appearance similar to Xobot and Infect, tails and claws. It was a pain for her to get used to having new body parts, but she never complained since it would lead to punishment.


Surprisingly enough, Linksis is able to shape shift just as easily as Shape Shifters do. Now she had to get used to being able to shape shift in the first place like getting used to having claws and a tail, but she made time for that. She is able to shape shift into any form she wishes just like Shifters. But unlike Shape Shifters where their normal form looks like black anthropomorphic cats (sort-a-speak), Linksis' normal form is her Robotic form.

Linksis is able to fire most any fire arm the Alliance carries and is an excellent sword dueler, though doesn't like to show it.

Most personel in the Alliance carry a side arm on their outer thigh, Linksis usually doens't carry on and uses hand combat instead.


Most find Linksis to be the most amazing and the kindest person in and out of the Alliance. She rarely stops smiling at everyone (which creeps some people out), males generally find her attractive, and everyone loves her personality. She loves tropical areas, loves fruits from most planets, and loves flower gardens. At one time, Xobot found his entire room filled with five of each flower from every planet Linksis could gather. Linksis is in perfect shape (if not, more in shape than perfect) and is well capable of playing any sport, just needs to know the rules to them. She is well capable defending herself from anyone who would want to harm her in anyway unless her master allows it or is caused by her master.

Linksis isn't the kind of person to have a lot of hates, or any hates for her matter. But if there's one thing that she hates, it's rapists. She doesn't mind sex with her master or with anyone else as long as they have permission, but if they don't have permission or she doesn't know the person trying to have sex with her and keeps bothering her about it, then she will get tensed and annoyed. There was a time that she has severely injured a Reptilian slave for trying to rape her.

As for her present master, Xobot finds Linksis a great person to be friends with, but her sexual acts around him annoys him. As for Linksis' side point of view, she thinks that he is just playing hard to get and is trying to test her. Neither of them know each others culture as good as they should which causes them to get into tight situations of Linksis trying to seduce Xobot and Xobot running for his virgin life.

Being a slave for so long, Linksis has lost touch for love for advance technology like all Robotics.


  • Xobot - Ever since Linksis saw Xobot rescuing her from slave station, he was her new master since Neon left her. And he wasn't just any other master she previously had, he was her master for life, so she thought. Linksis respects Xobot for everything he does though finds his culture quite challenging to learn since she had been raised a slave with a Slave Shifter culture. After getting used to Xobot's culture, she began to think and act more like his culture, instead of using herself in a third person language and not having any freedoms like before. After many years, Xobot found Linksis attractive Robotic with many traits rather than an annoying person. Eventually after they were dating, Linksis fell in love with him and married him.
  • Infect - Linksis knew about Xobot and Infect and their "development," but it didn't change her opinion on him. She viewed Infect as a hot head who needed a bath or a date with someone, but she always put up a smile even when he was cruel towards her. After many years of working in the Alliance, Infect developed a crush on Linksis (by now, Xobot found Linksis one of his closes friends, possibly having a crush on her too). Linksis wasn't aware of his feelings towards her and thought he was still in love with Jenbot (which he still kind of is), but was aware of him staring at her butt for long periods of time. Eventually, Linksis does find out about his crush and her view towards Infect turns down wards to where she tried to avoid him. After Xobot and her marriage, her view towards Infect is more of a minor friend.
  • Jenbot - Linksis viewed Jenbot as one of her friends that she could act playful around. Linksis always took Jenbots threats as jokes, since sarcastic wasn't part of slave culture, and would make her laugh. Jenbot on the other hand thought of Linksis more as an annoying foreign, sometimes enemies, than a friend, but that never occured to the joyful slave Robotic.
  • Neon - Linksis always kept her opinion about Neon to herself unless asked to. She thought Neon was a very well trained master who was very kind towards Linksis even when punished. Linksis would respect every wish he made and Neon had even respected Linksis' needs. This is rare for common slave owners to respect their slaves. When Neon was in the mood for sexual contact, (this was before he had a wife) he would use his slaves and saved Linksis for last, saying that she was the best out of all. Neon would always call Linksis his favorite slave out of all the others in any job. Though towards the time when Xobot had made contact with Kego and made peace with SubZero Defiant, Neon had finally gotten married to Zue and left Linksis to die in an abandoned space station. After Neon had his last punishments, his last sex, his last look at Linksis, he left to never return and made sure no one would see her. Linksis felt betrayed, ruined, alone, meaningless, and hated. This had never changed toward Neon.
  • Kego - Kego is the only Shifter Linksis had ever trusted. You could say Linksis though Kego like a brother or a father. He had always taken care of her when she was staying at his home. Kego had thought of her as if she was one of his children (though he never had any). Kego and Linksis would sometimes sneak through guards and gates to get to parks during the night so Linksis could have some fun outside Kego's quarters. She loved playing tag or capture the flag in the grass and forests and sometimes splash each other in the water. When Kego was too tired to play on days off of work, they would watch movies from Earth or from the Reptilian homeworld. Linksis and Kego were disoppointed that they were separated when Kego had to report to the Royals, but she suspected it wouldn't take to long. After her accident in the mining factory, they never saw each other for years. When Linksis had met Kego again after Xobot rescued her, she was the happiest person alive.



-In the original story of the Alliance (the Mysterious X), Linksis never existed and Jenbot never left Xobot

-Linksis is shown in the game Galactic Alpha, created by Cebius on

-So far, Linksis' page is the only page that tells about some events in the year 2068.

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