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Raised on New Shidra,


5 feet 8 inches tall, 130 pounds, male Shifter.

Kego looks like an average Shape Shifter with a robe and an Alliance/Rebel Shifter symbol on his chest. This shows that Kego is one of the highest ranks in the Shifter Military and is part of both the Rebel Shifters and the Alliance.


Kego has been known to be one of the kindest Shifters anyone in the Alliance has ever met. Mostly because other shifters seem to think the Alliance is taking over the Rebel Shifters. Kego does have a harsh side to him, but is rarely shown unless in combat.

Likes: Shifter food, dark areas, he has taken Reptilian history into interests, wanting to know how they had achieved. He has taken interest in Zorzen technology and wants to help them in their war with their machines. Kego has taken interests in the Robotic species, wanting to know how they are actual living robots that survive like organics.

Dislikes: Robotic food, light areas, he has no interests in Robotic history (he's one of those people who find robotics boring except for their anatomy).





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