Jenbot (Whetu) Sakura is a medic and scientist of the star ship Star Fighter. She is one of the main characters of the Alliance.

Jenbot (Whetu) Sakura
Jenbot2 copy
Jenbot (Whetu) Sakura


September 27, 2046


4 foot 6 inches


90 pounds


Medic and scientist of Star Fighter









Born September 27, 2046 on Robotican. She was raised mostly moving from city to city since her father was in the Robotic Military. Her mother was the Cheif Medic of the Military. Most of the time when Jenbot was at home, she wasn't around her parents. Instead, she was mostly around different baby sitters that would come and visit her almost every night. Jenbot loved seeing her friends those nights, but she would miss and sometimes beg for her parents to come home and spend time with her. She would even go to sleep crying, dreaming of her parents at home. This caused her to loose memory of her parents since she was only able to see them on the days they were moving or on holidays. Though, when they weren't home, aside from being taken care of by her baby sitter, she would play with toys that look like medical equipment. When she made friends and played with them, they were usually boys. When they played war, she would always volinteer to be the doctor of who was "wounded."


As years past by and moving from one house to another, Jenbot started to quit making friends since she would just loose them in two to three years. She started researching on medics and what kind of jobs they are able to do. When in school, she would try and succeed in making the top grade, knowing that doctors and medics cost a lot of schooling and good grades. When she took a feild trip to Beta-Void, she visited a museum that was filled with technology, star charts and disabled star ships. It was the closest to having a museum filled with medical information since none of the other museums held this kind of equipment.

When studying the star ships medical supplies and history, she, along with the rest of the people there, were taken out of the museum due to some kind of nuclear energy burst. Most were accounted for alive, except for two people. She never knew who those people were, but were sorry for what had happened to them. Shortly after getting back home, she gathered all the information she got from the museum, she organized them and started studying them. Soon, she got interested in the Navy's health care rather than the hospitals that were around the city.


After one last move, Jenbot finally graduated. She moved out of her parents house and got a small apartment near a small clinic. She trained for her job and was able to get a part time job there but wasn't able to get a full time job due to her being one of the last to sign up. She looked for more jobs and found that a restaurant needed someone. It wasn't a job that suited her needs, but it was one to start out with for her young adult age. At first, she became the dish cleaner. Eventually, she became a waiter. One day, she met a Robotic who was in the Alliance Navy, Xobot Sakura. After getting his food out for him, she sat down with him (during her work) to talk to him about this Navy. He told her that he was looking for recruits since there weren't many Robotics in the Alliance. She became interested and wondered if he would put her down as a canidate. After being reminded to do her job, Jenbot told Xobot to meet her at the restaurant after her work.

Eventually, Jenbot and Xobot started dating. When Xobot gave Jenbot job listings about medical jobs in the Alliance, she took interests in profesional medicals positions. After dating for six months, Xobot proposed to Jenbot to marry him. She accepted. They were married in Omega city, the city that had the most natural areas of most of Robotican.

Alliance TrainingEdit

After their honeymoon, they headed to Luna along with the rest of the recruit. Xobot continued his work in Intelligence while Jenbot started her training to become a Health Care Medic. Since she had been studying medical history and equipment since she was a teenager, she got most of the work done early. When Xobot left to go to the Zorzen's home world, she tried not thinking of Xobot, knowing that there was a chance that he could die. She suffered depression which had slowed down her work. When Xobot returned home, he wasn't able to get out of Jenbots grip for a week.

When Jenbot found out that Xobot became Captain of the Star Fighter, she didn't know what to say. She was happy that he became the rank he had always wanted since she met him, but there were many possiblilites of his death when it comes to be in the captains chair even if it's just a travel to the Reptilian home world and back. She told him that she will be fine still in training and that she can wait until he comes back, but inside, she felt like she was dying. She once again suffered from depression. After one week after Xobot left, she began to get counciling. Before Xobot came back, Jenbot had figured out that she was suffering from depression due to the fact that when she was a child her parents never had been around her, also that her parents jobs gave them many chances to their deaths. Now facing that challenge, she focused on her work and finally past her training. After Xobot arrived back on Luna, she had told him that she was able to be his ships medic.

Hawking-ton NebulaEdit

Shortly after Xobot found his brother, the Star Fighter reached the Hawking-ton Nebula. Finding a planet right in the center of the nebula, Xobot and a party were sent out to investigate the planet. Jenbot kept tabs on his health signatures to make sure he wasn't in any sort of danger. After one day has past, Jenbot had lost his signature and Zorak sent another team of all soldiers to find out what was taking Xobot so long to arrive back. Jenbot requested to go with the soldiers, Zorak accepted. Jenbot prepared a set of Robotic female body armor that soldiers of her species would usually have. She also got one side arm, one fire arm, a communicator, and goggles. After landing on the planet, the party searched the area that Xobots party had previously been. They found the soldiers within the first two hours, but no sign of Xobot. They found him three days later. Searching through the Deloks civilian housing areas, they found Xobot. He attacked the closest soldier. Though wounding them, he never actually killed them. Eventually, the only ones who he hadn't attacked (yet) were three soldiers, Jenbot included. They set up a trap and took him and the wounded to the shuttle.

Once they landing in the Star Fighters docking bay, Jenbot and a medic party took him to the medical bay. There, S. 47 injected Xobot poison to kill the infection in his blood stream. Noticing that it didn't work, he injected nano-bots that Jenbot created. They would take out the infection in him and were put in a large canister. Once all the Nano-bots were out of Xobot, they started running tests and studied the poison in the canister. Jenbot and S. 47 figured out that the poison carried some of Xobot's blood (DNA). After a couple of days, the poison had formed into Xobot's shape. Jenbot was too stunned at the image that she didn't know whether to be afraid or amazed. After Xobot woke up, the poison was in complete shape of his body. It was an exact replica of Xobot when he was poisoned. Jenbot stayed near him almost every second of the day. Xobot seemed to have his concerns on this Xobot in the cell. This Dark Xobot started acting animal-like, yelling, screaming, scratching at the sheild doors, even growling. Day after day, he started to act more civilized, talking, walking on two feet rather than on his hands as well. When Jenbot visited Dark Xobot on Xobots side, Dark Xobot mostly kept his eyes on her. Not knowing what his intentions were, she just looked at him back. When Xbot met Dark Xobot, he had been joking around, calling Dark Xobot Infect. Though his reasons were to annoy Dark Xobot like what he usually does to Xobot, Dark Xobot seemed to like it. Xobot gave Infect one pair of his Alliance armor lead him to a shuttle, letting Infect go where ever he wants to make his own life rather than having two Xobot's on the same ship.

Once life on the ship started turning back to the way it has been before reaching the Hawking-ton Nebula, Jenbot started to think about Infect. What kind of personality does he have? How similar and different is Infect and Xobot? Does Infect have feelings for Jenbot as Xobot did? Jenbot never found out the answer, but she was glad to have Xobot back with her. Jenbot like Xobots' new tail. It have her advantages when trying to get him to bed when he's working on reports.

Vergo SystemEdit

When the Star Fighter was searching the Vergo System, they had found a tropical habitable planet. It was nothing they hadn't seem before, but what caught their interests was that the planet was populated with Robotics. Generally, the only major planet or area in space to have Robotics living on was Robotican and a little population on Luna. Their history had never mentioned having two planets habitable with Robotics. Xobot, Xbot, and Jenbot took a shuttle down with science equipment to the planet. All three of them were excited to meet their species. Jenbot wondered how they got to this planet, or if this is the Robotics actual home world, or that it was just a coincidence that there are two planets with the same species. She also wondered how different was their technology and medical equipment was to theirs. Xbot mostly focused on the food there. Before reaching the planets atmosphere, their power was shut down by an unknown source. Quickly fastening their seat belts, they crash landed into the surface. Only moderate damage was made. Welcomed by a group of Robotics from this planet, they were taken to a village. Their villiage was small. It held houses and buildings that were made of either tents, rocks, or wood. They're food were plants and fresh meat from hunted animals. Unlike the Robotics from Robotican, some of their technology isn't as advanced as theirs. Their leader had explained that this area was poor areas. Civilians had either a couple credits of money or none at all. Xobot, Jenbot, and Xbot were held in more wealthier areas where their buildings were made of metal and had very advanced technology, but nothing close the the Alliance. Xobot and their leader had talked about the difference in their technology after they showed them their Alliance equipment. The leader of the villiage had explained to Xobot about unwanted visitors from Reptilian seller so they have space stations around the planet that shuts down any power system that comes around it. Power in and outside the planet is still usable. Xobot couldn't help but chuckle at how annoying but loveable the Reptilians can be.

After Xobot had talked to the leader of the villiage, they took supplies that Robotics on his planet gave them to the shuttle for repairs while the stations around the planet were shut down. Jenbot had fixed any damage taken inside the ship. After looking at Xbot run toward the villiage and back with Roen and a small group of soldiers, Jenbot and Xobot quickly grabbed Xbot and Roen inside the shuttle and flew away from the planets surface and into the atmosphere. They reached the Star Fighter with enough information about the planet, but not their history.


Star date April 4th, 2067, Alliance command received a distress signal from one of the unknown regions on the edge of the galaxy. The signal had nothing in it, no trace of any known or unknown species, no trace of what technology it came from, no visual messages or audio, just a signal that seemed to have a message saying they need help. Knowing how many times Xobot's crew have been through this, they sent them to investigate. When they reached where the signal had came from, they found an unknown saucer looking vessel in a nebula. They hailed the ship multiple times. None were responded back. Xobot lead a party of five, himself, Zorak, Xbot, Jenbot, and Roen, to board the unknown vessel. They had to blast a small hole in the ships hull to get in, not knowing where they shuttle bay was (if it had one). After surveying the ship, they found dead bodies of black, animal-looking creatures, along with damages on the walls, burnt holes from what looks like fire arms being used, and the power was shut down. The ship it self looked like it had taken a lot of damage, but was still work-able. It was a large ship, many doors, many hallways. Most of what they saw made almost no sense to them. When they finally found the bridge, they turned on the power accidently. A bright flash of light blinded the party team. When the light was gone, the ships scanners read that they weren't where they ship was last located next to the Star Fighter. Before they knew it, other creatures that looked like the dead bodies on the floor breached into the ships hull. They took the party into custody. They were taken to one of the creatures ship. It's ship had around the same size as an Alliance shuttle. They traveled through space; within minutes, they arrived at a massive space station (SubZero Defiant) the party has ever seen. It looked nothing like what any of the species the Alliance has even glanced at could build. After landing on one of their docks, they were taken into prison cells. Xobot was brought over to see Kego in an unknown(well unknown to Xobot) chamber. Kego and Xobot talked about what had happened. He explained about the distress signal he was responding to. he also told him a little information about the Alliance and their purpose. Kego took this into thought. He send Xobot back to his cell. After two hours, they were released and were sent back to their ship through a portal they've made. Kego advised them to follow a shuttle back into the portal with the Star Fighter.

After docking with the SubZero Defiant bay, the Alliance crew met up with Kego. He explained a little about their species, the Shape Shifters in Alliance wording. He also explained a little about the war between them and another group of Shape Shifters, Royal agains Rebel, along of the fact that Shifters have the technology to travel through time and parallel universes ( though they usually don't travel through parallel universes). Though thinking that the Shifters were probably not interested on being part of the Alliance due to the war, he did ask if they needed assistance in any way. Surprisingly enough, the Rebels did ask if they would have some part in the Alliance, maybe not much, but enough to be part of it. Xobot gladly accepted and made a trade between them and the Alliance. The Shifters would trade part of their technology to the Alliance and the Alliance would trade their information about their universe and their history. Knowing how loyal the Alliance is and what their purpose is, the Rebels share the SubZero Defiant with the Alliance as Kego's and Xobot's station, both groups helping each other.


Star date 2068.


4 Foot 6 inchest tall, 124 pounds, Robotic, female.

Like most robotics, she wears grey and gold armor along with power lights on her body. Under the armor, she wears a dark jump suit. Her helmet has purple streaks on them. At times, you'll see Robotic hair (thin, flexible, glowing, long lights) coming from under her helmet. Other times (mostly on the job), she won't show her hair. Not all Robotics have hair. Jenbot, liking hair for her style, generally shows her hair when ever she can.

Unlike Infect, Linksis, and Xobot, she does not have toed feet. She only has stubs. Similar to her fingers, she doesn't have claws, only stubby finger tips. As for her chioce in clothing/armor, she is flexible. Some times you'll see her in just clothing, other times, just armor. And even a little bit of both. She wears a lot of dark colors and stays away from neon colors.


Everybody loves Jenbot. She has been known to be cute, sexy, smart, kind hearted, loving, has a good sense of humor, and is fun to be around. When being left out on something or ignored, she tent to get annoyed or depressed. When she was a child, she will lock herself in her own room and stay there crying herself to sleep due to her parents never spending time with her. When a teenager, she spent a lot of her free time researching medical jobs and what they do. This lead her to be more serious, more attentive, and more driven to work more than other teens. As an adult, her seriousness never left her. When given a task to do, she immediatly got it done early. Everyone in her job looked up to her. Though this is only on duty for her job. When off duty, she loves going swimming on the beaches. She loves spending time with her friends but, from what she said, more than two days is enough.

Naturally, people tend to think that Jenbot is a girl who loves going out with males, shopping, playing around, and telling her friends everything she knows. That is by her looks. Generally, she just puts on her usual clothing and maybe a little make up and heads out to do what she needs to do. She tends to get annoyed when ever a male asks her to go on a date just for her looks. She had never been the type to ask random people to go on a date just for their looks. She likes to be friends with the person first to get to know them better, then she might consider going on a date.

When Jenbot met Xobot, she melted. She had never experience the feeling of love before. Generally, she is confident in what she does and knows what she is doing, what to say, what not to say, what to wear for the situation. Meeting Xobot, she didn't have a clue what to do. She loved Xobots ears, his Navy Intellegence, his personality, his shyness, and even his looks, even if it wasn't her type to go for looks.

After meeting Infect and leaving Xobot, she became more aggressive in her attitude. She would be on time or late turning in a report (which is rare since she usually get everything in early), she is late for her duty shift on certain occasions, she is not as kind hearted when it comes to acting around her friends. Most of this is due to Infects natural personality. Some people think that she needs to get away from Infect and either get back with Xobot or go back to her serious but happy, early report turned person. Other people seem to like it better.


  • Xobot - Life lovers in the begining, then hot boiled enemies, later to be friends. Jenbot had thought of Xobot as a loyal, fun, shy, loving person that she cared and loved for. She would cry for his return from missions that the Alliance would send him on before she finished her Medical training. When with Xobot, she will always pick on him and give him a hard time. At times, he would thrive on that. Their life hadn't changed when Jenbot was allowed to serve on the star ship Star Fighter and after Xobots mutation. If anything, Jenbot liked Xobot having a tail, giving her more advantages to tease him. Though after leaving Xobot for Infect, they became enemy neighbors. Xobot would try to stay away as possible from Jenbot, trying to forget her. Jenbot would necessarily care if he ignores her or not. Seeing how Xobot suffered his loss that she never had intended, she tried to be at least friends with him. He would refuse and push her away. For the most part, they just acted like Captains and officers if they had to talk to each other for reports or information.
  • Xbot - As Xobot's brother, Jenbot always respected him and thought of him as a class clown, just without the class. He would always goof off and tell Jenbot and Xobot to kiss and he'd just watch. Generally getting slapped in the face, Xbot never learned to stop. On days off duty, Jenbot, Xbot, and Roen would go swimming at the beach every once in a while. After Jenbot left Xobot, Xbot had been shocked and was kept quiet for a couple of days, but eventually got back to being his usual joker self. Though Xbot does regret Jenbot leaving Xobot, their friendship never decreased.
  • Infect - At first when Jenbot say Infect in a prison cell, she was terrified. His appearance looked menacing and cruel. She had not like having an opposite copy of Xobot on the ship (or anywhere). Soon after getting to know him a little better, she found out that Infect isn't that different from Xobot, aside from the appearance, certain personalities, and some likes and dislikes. The one thing that Infect defintely kept was his love for Jenbot. Meeting him again on the SubZero Defiant, she left Xobot for Infect. Though Infect was very pleased by her actions, he often worried of how Xobot would reacted, knowing that they both had an equel amount of love towards her.
  • Roen - Jenbot af first didn't like Roen. She was interested in future technolgy and gathering information instead of using them. On a side not, Jenbot wasn't very fond of her dressing type either. She also didn't like how she would try to learn every possible information about the Alliance, including their weaknesses (if any). Jenbot kept close eyes on her, making sure that she wasn't doing anything that could be harmful or take any information to take to her Robotics in the Vergo System. After being trapped in a prison cell on the SubZero Defiant, they had talked things out and became good friends. Jenbot would show Roen about her medical equipment every once in a while and Roen would show her Robotics history and give her information tips of relationships. Their friendship had not changed even after Jenbot left Xobot for Infect, but Roen was unpleased.
  • Linksis - What could anyone say about Jenbot and Linksis. They are enemies from the start. Jenbot hadn't liked Linksis' culture about being a slave and unequel to everyone else, her accent and language would annoy Jenbot to the point where she was about to injure Linksis, her choice in clothing (Linksis usually wears a loincloth and a bra, being raised from Shifter masters to wear only that), and her smile. Linksis mostly walked around smiling all the time. It would seem like she isn't serious about anything. She would get reports and her work done on time with not sweat and still be smiling. Jenbot, being raised to act serious while on duty, never understood Linksis' history about her attitude when in public. She had to be honest, she still had some feelings for Xobot, so after finding out that she was "Xobot's slave," her hatred grew, especially hearing that Linksis would try to get Xobot in bed with her.



-Jenbot was based on the name Robot and Jennifer

-Jenbot is shown in the game Galactic Alpha, created by Cebius on

-In the original story of the Alliance, Jenbot never left Xobot

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