Infect (Xobot) Sakura is the Armory Instructor on the star ship Star Fighter. He is one of the main characters in The Alliance.

Infect (Xobot) Sakura
Infect (Xobot) Sakura


December 13, 2043/infected birth January 20, 2063


5.1 foot


135 pounds


Armory Instructor of Star Fighter








Dark XobotEdit

All of Infects childhood, teenage life, and part of his adulthood is the same as Xobot since he is a clone (sort-a-speek). When Xobot was poisoned and took a form that looks similar to Infect, he has only a blurred vision in his memory. This is rare, knowing that the Robotic race have close to crystal clear memory. After Xobot was put in a medical bed and was strapped in, S. 47 had injected Nano bots that would take all the poison out of his body and were put in a large canister. After all, or most, the poison was out, Dark Xobot started to take shape into Xobot's form, but with darker skin tones, a tail (which they both now have), spikes in the his back and on the back of ears, and red eyes. Once his form was completely generated, he was moved to a prison cell for safety. He started to get his memories, or Xobot's memories. At first, he would act like an animal, yelling, screaming, scratching at the sheild walls. It was painful for him when his memories slowly started returning. He would kneel down and moan, rubbing and holding his head, at the uncontrollable pain. After a couple of days, he had received all of his memories and acted more civilized. After their shifts were done, Xobot, Jenbot, and Xbot would visit Dark Xobot and see how he was doing. After Xbot had made fun of Dark Xobot , who called him Infect and had seemed to not annoy him, the name seemed to stuck. Every once in a while when Xobot visits, Infect would ask to see Jenbot alone. He didn't really have a reason to see her, but just to see her and hear her voice again was very welcoming. Jenbot herself didn't know why he wanted to see her. Infect read her expression as fear, confused, and nervous.

Eventually, the Star Fighter got Infects loyalty. Xobot and Zorak talked over whether Infect should stay or not. Deciding not, Xobot gave Infect one pair of his armor, supplies, and a shuttle. Infect honestly didn't want to leave, but he would have no choice unless he wanted to be shoved in the nearest air lock. He was to depart the Star Fighter the next day. That night, he snuck into Xobots room through air vents, kissed Jenbot good bye in her sleep, and left for his shuttle.

Starting His New LifeEdit

Infects first landing mark was Robotic. He needed to find some credits and some food. He first hide his shuttle in the forst of Robotic where usually Robotics don't visit. He started out living with homeless people, huddling around fires in trash cans, waiting for someone to come by for them to beg from (though Infect never begged, he just glared at the), sharing food. Eventually, he became tired of waiting around for money and food. He traveled back to his shuttle and flew toward the Deloks' planet. There, he stole money, stole equipment, and hunted and killed animals and ate them. At one time, he had sold his shuttle for a larger ship. Infect had said that his shuttle was actually a collectable and had the best and newest engine in the galaxy. After stealing the money from the sellers pocket, he took the ship and left the Deloks' planet.

His next trip was to Zorikal. Although there was still a war between the Zorzen and machines, it was a great place to start picking up scrap metals and trash and put them together to form supplies. He made sure not to disturb or interupt the Zorzen during their war. It was hard not to disrupt the machines as well, for their land was more than 75% of the planet. Once he had gathered enough supplies he needed, made sure he had plenty of credits, medical utensils, he flew off of Zorikal in search for a new home. He thought the Reptilian would be a nice place to settle, they let anyone come by and visit. He took a house more in the open forest. It had plenty of distance from the cities, that way, he can hunt what ever he wanted, do what ever he wanted, as long as he didn't make any species extinct or set the trees on fire, he had his entire imagination to do, literally. Unfortunately, the city areas are where the extranet was also at, so he wasn't able to check up on the Alliance so often. After a couple of years, he had gotten used to his new life. There were no Alliance rules to follow, no posture to keep up, no reports that needed to be filled out. The only thing Infect had to do was pay a small price for the house. Every once in a while, he would travel out of the house to Robotic for a visit and would date a random female there. At this time, he would try to forget Jenbot since there was a very rare chance of actually being able to love her. Sometimes he regret the Deloks poisoning Xobot and creating him, but it was something he had to get over eventually. Though he never hated his life or hated having his own life. After his date, Infect usually brought her back to his house to show how different the Reptilians are compared to the Robotics. This would generally excite her, giving Infect many advantages to her. Infect enjoyed his time with the many females he has dated. It gave him information on different personalities of females, information on what they like, and it gave him and her pleasure when they were in bed (though Robotics are immune to HIV and AIDS and other diseases similar). Every once in a while, Infect would try to date someone from a different species, like a Reptilian or a Zorzen, but rarely Humans. He had no intentions of getting her in bed (unless they're Robotic) but searched for information on how different Robotics are from different species.


At one time, Infect went to the closest city Infects house was to see how the Alliance was doing. All he found out was that the Star Fighter was going after a distress signal on the edge of the galaxy. He was curious to see what the distress signal was coming from since there was no actual information on what or who sent it. He took his ship and flew out of the Reptilians home world toward the Star Fighters signal. Once he had reached their location, he had latched his ship onto their hull undetected and waited. After arriving to the distress signal, what they saw was a sphere looking object. It looked similar to what Humans would think in the 1960-1980's of a UFO. Infect had gotten into an enviornmental suit and climbed out of his ship into the Star Fighters docking bay. Xobot, Zorak, Xbot, Jenbot, and Roen climbed into a shuttle and left the Star Fighter, flying towards the UFO looking object. Infect had crawled into a heating vent. After they had landed into the ships hull, Xobots team surveyed the area, checking for anything unusual or readings from their scans. Infect had crawled out of the shuttle and took another route through the unknown ship. As Xobot found what looked like the commanding deck, he turned on the power and a white flashed blinded everyone. After they could see again, they were attacked by black creatures. Xobot and his team had surrendered, but Infect gave in a fight. Though Xobot and his team never knew Infect was with them, they knew that there was someone who was on the ship when they boarded. Infect was knocked unconsious and was taken to a prison cell. There, the creatures, who Infect found out were the Shape Shifters, interrogated him for information on how they found the ship. Infect had never given them any information, instead he just growled at the Shifters, trying to not show pain they inflicted on him.

Kego had made peace with Xobot by the time the Shifters were done with Infect. They had threw him in a prison on the volcanic planet of SubZero Defiant (the Rebel Shifter station). Their intentions were to leave him to die slowly, but it took more than time to kill Infect. When Xobot and Kego were surveying Defiant to know where his quarters were, a Rebel Shifter officer came up to Kego and gave him a com pad. It had said that there was a Robotic that had intruded the station. The picture looked similar to Xobot. Kego and Xobot talked over his history and about Infect. They took a medic team to the volcanic planet and took Infect into custody. S. 47 treated his wounds without any problem. Xobot and Infect had talked over about why Infect was there in the first place and he told Xobot about what happened after he left the Star Fighter to start his life.

SubZero DefiantEdit

After discussing for several hours, Infect and Xobot agreed that Infect would work for the Alliance for five years to repay his dept to Xobot saving him, then he would go back to his own life.


Infects appearance looks almost exactly like Xobots, except he has spikes on his back and on the back of his ears, his color tones (skin, armor, lights) are darker.

Unlike most Robotics, Infect has toed feet rather than stubbed feet (Xbot, Jenbot). He also has clawed fingers. He has three scars, one on each ear from a Shifter accident, the other from a Zorzen war with their machines, and the last on is on his back when he was taken out from Xobots body. He wears a loincloth for when he was hunting, though he has armor under the loincloth, he just wears it for show since he can't hunt until his dept is done. He also wears a cloth on his right arm, missing armor from one of his dangerous' hunts. Unlike most Robotics, the lights on his body show the colors red, tan, and green. Most Robotics have more than just three basic colors. Also, Infects eyes are shaped similar to curved triangles rather than ovals. The color of his eyes are a mixture of red, orange and yellow, unlike Robotics who have blue, green or purple eyes.

Infect doesn't mind wearing armor or any other kind of object that is wearable, just as long as it's comfortable. Sometimes you see him in his full Alliance uniform armor. Other times, you see him in full out clothing like what Humans wear. He also has armor that allows him to put clothing on top of his armor.


Infect is capable of using generally all weapons for his species and not for his species in swords, fire arms, and hand to hand combat. He is capable of flying most space vessels of any kind, water vessels, air vessels, and land vessels. His Robotic mind (like most Robotics) allow him to learn, read, and remember things faster than most other species, giving their memories as if they were flash backs for a certain period of time; this gives him the capability to remember so much in so little time. This also gives him the ability to adapt to anything more quickly than other species as well. Unlike Xobot where when he is in danger or angry and his body giving him the upgrade to do more capabilities, Infect is technically already in that stage, giving him a 24/7 upgrade of being able to think faster, strategizes in micro-seconds, and increase his speed, damage capacity, and strength.


About half (if not, a quarter) of Infects personality is based off of Xobot. He loves tropical areas, snow areas, drawing, eating food from Earth, Robotican, and Zorikal, and he loves Jenbot. And like Xobot, he kept his personal life separate from his work. At times he would invite a female into a closet on rare occations. Though, Infect is generally not to kind hearted and had problems making friends in the Alliance. He usually had a dark expression on his face and no one (who were nice) really wanted to talk to him. When Xobot or the Alliance would put Infect in charge of a mission, his motto was to get the job done no matter what the cost, even if it would kill innocent civilians, loosing one or more of his team, or just making an entire planet explode. This was probably why he was never given a medal or ranked up when ever everyone else did. Infect was a skilled marine, assassin, and a killer though. When ever Infect wasn't in charge and had a commanding officer, he would follow directions no matter how tempting it was to shoot the commander in the head. Infect has been in many battles and generally killed the most out of the entire platoon.

Ever since Infect had been separated from Xobot, he always had a crush on Jenbot. Though this was actually completely normal since Xobot loves her. When Infect had made his own life on the Reptilian homeworld, he tried to forget Jenbot by dating other females of his kind not of his kind, knowing that there was little chance to love Jenbot again. Eventually, Infect did forget Jenbot with on particular female Robotic Iso, A.K.A. Xobot's old girlfriend before his death caused by Neon and Kego. At the time, neither of them knew that they technically already have met before.

Everyone thinks he is all "bad ass as he can get," but he actually has a soft side, just that they would have to be dying or his wife to see it. Rarely does he ever help, let alone help for free when off duty.


  • Xobot - Xobot and Infect were never exactly brotherly friends, in fact just the opposite. When Infect first met Xobot in the prison cell on Star Fighter, they viewed each other as just people they know, not enemies, not friends. When Infect came back to the Alliance, their relationship stayed the same. Infect took a long while to think over his relationship with his real self to actually become friends. After he had heard Jenbot left Xobot, there were rumors that she had hooked up with Infect. He took this information very surpised but pleased. It was something he wanted but he didn't want to hurt Xobot. From then Xobot hardly made eye contact with Infect unless he was challenging him. But Xobot had eventually got over his love for Jenbot. Wanting to be friends with his real self, he acts more kind around Xobot. After the years, Xobot and Infect become comrades and some what friends.
  • Jenbot - Infect always loved Jenbot, due to him being a clone of Xobot, copying some of his feelings into him. Though he had actually forgotten his love for her for a while when he was on the Reptilian homeworld, his love returned shortly after Infect owed Xobot for saving his life. When Jenbot had met Infect for the second time, she was exactly the way he remembered her, serious but fun and loveable.
  • Xbot - "Boys will be boys." Throughout Xobots life, Xbot had always antagonized and annoyed Xobot. Infect having all the memories and experiences of Xobot, that never changed Xbot. Their little brother still tries to play pranks on both Xobot and Infect, some times at the same time. Infect views Xbot just as Xobot does, a fun, annoying, loving brother.
  • Lizard and Zorak - Though at times when Infect is invited to go to a party or to a restaurant, Zorak and Lizard go with them. That is about the only times the Reptile and Zorzen actually meet Infect. Any other time, they actually try to avoid him. They have known Xobot for years and feel that Infect is here to take over his rank. Though that was never Infects intentions, the three of them become minor friends after many years.
  • Linksis - At first, Infect viewed Linksis similar to what Xobot viewed her, foreigner, annoying, and a "slut." Though after working in the Alliance and getting to know her better, Infect actually developes a crush on Linksis. She never knotices him staring at her butt though and just thinks of him as another Alliance officer. When Xobot found out that Infect had a crush on Linksis while dating Jenbot, he was ranged.
  • Roen - Infect actually considered Roen a friend. She may not have been the most kindest (due to him being Xobots clone) but she did help him out when it came to relationships. Roen honestly had difficult becoming friends with Infect, but they eventually did. Infect would sometimes go along with Jenbot, Xbot, and Roen when they went to the beach.



-May be obvious, but the name Infect was after the impression that Xobot was infected with poison to create a Dark Xobot, A.K.A Infect

-Infect is shown in the game Galactic Alpha, created by Cebius on

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