Located on their home planet Earth, Humans have been known for their selfish acts and culture, and for their courage. For in depth of Humans, go here.


Similar to most all other species, the Human race started out living in caves, hunting, and creating how to make fire. Eventually, they became more civilized and formed villiages from small groups. As the population grew, they created towns, then castles and cities, then countries. There are many different races with different ideas and different cultures on Earth. This makes a lot of species confused about learning Humans since they don't have just one race and one culture.


Something that stands out about Humans more than other species the Alliance know is their selfishness. When in the situation of either having millions of credits (or money for humans) or saving someones life, most humans would go for the money. Many of their wars were fought over anger and to conquer land rather than sharing land and making peace. Humans try to make peace as much as possible, but fail and end up creating wars.

But Humans are also known for their courage. Only some species rarely find humans that are courage enough to help. Sometimes during war, if they know that they can't win a war and they're race, country, or sometimes even species, they will keep fighting for what they believe in. Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the most known to other species, mostly for what he believed in having different races having equel rights. Though King Jr.'s intentions was for the Humans during his time, the Alliance had thought that it suited the idea since their government delt with different alien species.

In most countries, males and females are treated equally.


Some species know the Humans to resemble mammals, preferably monkeys or primates. They have either hair or no hair on top of their heads. Females generally have longer hair than males.


Like most species (if not all), Humans have different personalities from one another. Some Humans like dark colors, others like light colors. Some like arts and crafts while others like military ideals. Some could be gay or straight.


Humans have the tendency of creating war. It's part of their nature. This leads them to be very useful for their courage when they strongly believe in something.

Known HumansEdit

  • Fleet Admiral Mattex


-Humans are the creators of the Alliance

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