The Deloks are very unknown to most species in the Alliance, but they are well known for their culture for trading and for their scientific methods of experimenting. Their home planet is located in the Hawking-ton Nebula right in the center of the nebula.



For the longest time, Deloks were always a separate nation from other species and themselves. Similar to Humans on Earth where they have different countries that have different cultures, Deloks live in separate clans. Each clan makes different things and experiments on different subjects, then sell them to other clans during their time of trade. They have a history of always causing wars between clans. Most of the time, the war ends by the two clans killing every single member of the clan.


Deloks are very aggresive. They tend to fight constantly battle after battle over many different subjects. Some could be fighting for a mate, others for clan leader, others for just solving a problem. Some species find their methods of solving problems brutal and unwanted, which is one reason why most species don't bother trying to make peace with them.

Deloks aren't always fighting over something. They are traders and scientists. They love experimenting on something and creating something and bringing it to other clans for sale. After making a profit, the try to find something else to experiment on, or even keep making for of what they previously made.

Deloks in a certain clan are able to move and be in another clan for a visit. Though they may always accept other clan members wanting to join their clan.

For the most part depending on the clan leaders rules, males and females are treated equally.


Average height is around six feet. They have light brown, leatherly skin. Their eyes are black and their pupils are white. Generally, Deloks wear some kind of cape, chest clothing (females only), and clothing that drops from their waist to their ankles. They seam to wrap some kind of green cloth around their lower arms and hands, their feet and lower legs. Rumors say that they wear it so they don't taint anything during their experiment.


Known for their scientific methods, their letherly skin protects them from most radiation caused by failed experiments or projects. The only known radiation they can't protect without a suit is nuclear.

Deloks reproduce like Humans.

Known DeloksEdit

None so far


-Deloks were originally never the reason why Infect was created.

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